LAHORE  - Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif on Saturday appealed to the people to forge unity within their ranks, saying every Pakistani was grieved over the Rawalpindi incident.

In a statement released by the Chief Minister’s Secretariat, Shahbaz Sharif said those involved in this incident were enemy of both Pakistan and Islam.

He said the people of Pakistan had played their due role for stability and dignity of the country, by rising above sectarian mindset in every chapter of the national history.  By sticking to this role, Shahbaz hoped, they would foil nefarious designs of those elements creating hurdles in the way of national development and prosperity and creating intolerance.  The chief minister said the enemies of Pakistan wanted to achieve their ulterior motives through destroying peace by fanning sectarian differences.  Shahbaz Sharif appealed to ulema to play a positive role for promotion of sentiments of unity and brotherhood. Both the government and the people expected from them they would discharge their national responsibilities towards promotion of peace.