KARACHI  - Goods transporters strike entered 11th day on Saturday leading to a complete halt of supplies of all types from Karachi to upcountry.

Reports say that the two ports in Karachi are flooded with thousands of containers waiting for their carriage to upper parts of the country causing losses of billions of rupees to traders and importers.

Officials at the ports said that all activities at the ports have come almost to a standstill as there is no more scope for storage of the imported goods while industry has also been affected due to non-availability of imported raw material. Exports have also been affected adversely as goods are not reaching the ports.

On the other hand the transporters have brought down their demands but are insisting payment for vehicles burnt down after the murder of Benazir Bhutto, allotment of 500 acres of land at the Northern by pass for truck stand and resolution of loading and unloading at weighing stations on the national highway.

Meanwhile, President KATI, Syed Farukh Mazhar said that the perishable items like foods and vegetables lying in the refrigerated containers would be perished if strike would not be called off immediately. He said that similar situation is with seafood, fish and prawn as their export is also jeopardized badly.

He further said that Pakistan is a poor country and it cannot afford loss of billion of dollars due to strike of transporters and appealed all the persons sitting at the helm of affairs to play their due role in this matter.