KHYBER AGENCY - Two infants have died as a result measles outbreak here in Pasede Khel, the remote and bordering area of tehsil Landi Kotal of Khyber Agency, the effected family sources informed on Sunday.

The sources said, Fawad, 01 and Gul Panara, 03, died of measles in two days after short tenure of their disease.  

Sharing details uncle of the deceased boy, Kamil Khan, said, every third child in every house in Pasede Khel, is suffering from measles and the disease has turned into epidemic. Morga, Madi Khel, Ghbargi Khel and Shegi Khel are the most effected villages of the area, he disclosed.  In routine drive, vaccination has not been done properly and selective immunization has been made   against the disease that caused spread of the measles, he revealed.

Number of measles patients has been shifted to Landi Kotal and Peshawar hospitals for treatment, a local tribal said. Dr. Feroz Shah said, "Lack of health awareness among the masses especially women folk is the main cause behind the disease.  When Agency Surgeon Khyber Agency, Dr. Rehman, was contacted on the issue, he confirmed the incident and said after getting information about the breaking out of the disease, emergency vaccination teams were dispatched to the area a week back that had administered anti-measles vaccine to the children of suspected areas.