KARACHI: Despite the allotment of funds, Sindh Education Sector is one of those whose staffs are observed protesting on regular basis. Teachers Association Karachi (TAK) also staged a protest with the blockage of traffic, over non-issuance of salary of 3600 non-teaching staff since 2012, at New M.A Jinnah Road, on Tuesday.

Holding placards and chanting slogans against the Sindh Education Department, the employees demonstrated their 180th protest on the streets and road after receiving no official response from the concerned high-ups regarding issuance of their salaries.

According to details, hitch in the issuance of salaries of non-teaching staffs was inducted as SIndh Education Department had accounted 5000 staff, of which 3,600 staff members were found clear in check and balance done by Sindh Government, but they are deprived of their fundamental right (salary)

The protesters told The Nation that they have put all their efforts to plea to the government, but all efforts got useless “This is our 180thprotest, while our petition is also bee, while we had also filed petition in Sindh High Court to get our salary released, but Sindh government has not paid any attention towards us, still we are not being absent from our duties.”

“I am a non-teaching staff of grade-9 and I am not getting my salary for three years, which makes a total of 0.5 million, now you can imagine the salaries of remaining 3,600 staff from grade 9-14” Kamran Haider, one of the protestor told scribe.

“How could one survive without an income? It has been three years and not a single month’s salary has been given to us during this period. Many of us are in debt as we had to borrow money to survive; we also have to bear routine expenses as a common citizen” many protestors showed their ire against government

Jamat-e-Islami Pakistan backed the protestors:

Jamat-e-Islami Pakistan backed the Protest demonstrated by non-teaching staff and pledged them full support to the protestors till their issuance of salaries.

Hafiz Naeem Ur Rehman– leader of JIP while criticizing the provincial government said “If government is making an excuse of non availability of funds so this is a ‘lame excuse’. It is the regular practice of Sindh Government to manhandle the funds and enjoys the perks corruption” adding that “JIP is in full support of the protestors as well as every victim of Sindh Government”

Furthermore, TAK called off their protest saying that if there will by the government, they will stage protest in front of CM house