This is apropos news in media about theft of medicine stolen from Jinnah Hospital Lahore worth rupees 40 lakhs and crack down was launched for elimination of trade of stealing medicines from Government Hospitals. It is pertinent to mention here that Government allocates billion of rupees for purchase of medicine but poor patients who attend such hospitals are humiliated:neither properly attended to by medical professionals nor provided medicines as prescribed. Even patients having lifelong illness like hypertension,epilepsy,diabetes,arthritis etc are provided medicines for a week or so and patients have to spend huge amount of funds in shape of fare to reach health facility just to get free medicines but there is an army of officers who are there in devising methods to create obstacles in the way of poor vulnerable patients.

I am at loss to understand why medicine for a week is given when the patients have to take medicine for the whole life as there is little chance of cure of such disease.The situation is dismal as theft of medicine is not possible without the connivance of doctors, nurses and other paramedical staff who prescribe and dispense these medicines.

There is a dire need to revamp the whole hackneyed health care system which is at the verge of collapse and Health managers are appointed from private sector strictly on merit through competition to get better results.


Lahore, November 15.