ISLAMABAD: Chairman Jammu and Kashmir People’s Freedom League, Muhammad Farooq Rehmani has strongly condemned unprovoked and escalated brutal crack-down in ChuntiMullah (Bandipora) against the villagers.

He said the life of the inhabitants in these villages continued to be insecure, and harassed for the last two decades because of a permanent army camp. They humiliate, intimidate and beat people whenever they wish so.

Muhammad Farooq Rehmani Rehmani demanded punitive action against the perpetrators and the camp’s immediate removal from the troubled villages of Bandipora and said that the civil administration in Bandipora looks deaf and dumb and was not ready to reprimand army’s unaccountable, detrimental and objectionable role in Bandipora.

“No house, or individual-man or woman, young or old is safe in the area as the agencies civil or military have been allowed to penetrate deep into offices & residential are watched. The rule the roost in the name of countering so called militancy, spreading uneasiness among youth,” he observed.

He said that that the newly introduced Modi-culture in the army and police and the PDP-BJP ruling alliance in the State had destroyed peace in homes and perpetuated awe and trepidation.

“The people see no alternative to this situation except withdrawal of the Indian troops from Jammu and Kashmir.” He urged the outside world that it should take notice of the neglected and forgotten dispute like Kashmir and don’t compel people to resort to more radical ways of pressing their demand for freedom and self-determination, the sooner the better. NNI