Karachi: Authorities today rescued an infant among four children who were abandoned by families in different areas. Police rescued a newborn in Karachi while three minors were taken in custody in Lahore.

Police were patrolling Paracha graveyard in Karachi s Orangi Town when a bag placed on a grave caught their sight. Upon riffling through the bag, a newborn was recovered who was alive. The infant was shifted to Peerabad Police Station. Locals said that different foundations have placed drop-off points in several areas of the city however; insensitive parents chose to abandon the baby in graveyard.

The infant was given in care of police constable Asif for a temporary period of time. The baby would be handed over to a welfare foundation after legal formalities.

Separately, Child Protection Bureau has taken into custody three children who were abandoned by mother along roadside after her arguments with drug addicted husband. Five-year-old Hussain, two and a half years old Ahsan and one and a half years old Zain were abandoned in cold Mondaynight in Samanabad’s Islamia Park area. Local councilor has given the children in protection bureau’s custody.