ISLAMABAD - Some members of the Special Committee on Kashmir may raise voice in the parliament against Chairman Maulana Fazlur Rahman for cancelling the committee meeting without taking them into confidence.

The 24- member committee meeting summoned on November 24 has thrice been cancelled due to unknown reasons.

The members mainly from the opposition parties might also express their reservations in the upcoming committee meeting for ignoring them, background discussions with committee members left this impression.

This issue should be highlighted that why the chairman was not convening the meeting since long, they said.

The parliamentary body was formed to monitor violations of human rights and atrocities being committed by the Indian forces in the Occupied Jammu and Kashmir. But the committee meeting has thrice been cancelled during the current year.

“We (members) were never taken into confidence by the chairman for cancelling the committee meeting, which is unfair,” said PML-F Ghous Bux Mahar while talking to The Nation. He said the Kashmir committee should not even miss a single meeting.

“Where should we register our complaint on this matter,” he said, adding the chairman should present reasons behind cancellation of the meeting. “I am optimistic now the chairman will not cancel the meeting this time,” he added.

Other member Ghulam Muhammad from PML-N said that the chairman always decides to summon or cancel the meeting. “The committee meeting has been convened since long. It should not be cancelled now and discuss the matters,” he added.

The Special Committee on Kashmir was first elected along with other committees, through a motion in the House. Maulana Fazlur Rahman was unanimously elected as the chairman of the committee.