ISLAMABAD - Tired Nasir Monday lost in straight games against Egyptian world number 19 Fares Dessouki in the first round of the Men’s World Open Squash Championship 2015 in Seattle, USA.

Nasir fought gallantly in the first game but lost 7-11 and in the second game, Nasir was almost finished as tiredness was finally taking its toll, but he even then tried to put up a decent show. Nasir lost the second game 3-11. It was time and again witnessed in the past, a player looking tired or feeling uncomfortable just played one game and then shook hands to concede the match, but Nasir showed a lot of heart and entered the third game with same spirit. He fought bravely and went down fighting 7-11, thus lost the match in 27 minutes.

Although Nasir lost the match, yet he did manage to win lot of hearts and minds and managed to make a lot of new admirers and friends in the USA. Now Farhan Zaman is Pakistan’s last hope, who is facing a huge mountain to climb in shape of world number 9 Egyptian Omer Mousaad.

The Nation has learnt through sources in the USA that poor Nasir was actually out of the competition and it was his sportsmanship, that despite arriving only one-hour prior to the match and that too was delayed, as Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF) secretary Group Captain Amir Nawaz and Nasir’s coach Tahir Iqbal Khan remained in constant touch with the PSA and the organisers and their requests were upheld as the organisers rescheduled Nasir’s match, otherwise, he could have not even compete and a sure shot zero was all set to mark against his name.

Nasir arrived in Seattle at 3:30 local time, as unwanted delays by the airways was one factor that led to the player arriving for the match late. Nasir’s match was actually scheduled at 12pm local time, but it was postponed till 4pm local time just to give him a chance to reach the venue, a goodwill gesture by the organisers. Nasir went on the court and tried his level best, but what could one expect from a player, who spent two and half days traveling and with no sleep and no luggage, as his luggage left in Paris. Nasir had to borrow shoes, racquet and clothes from another Pakistani Farhan Zaman. How could one imagine the player’s agony and pain, who had to play such high-profile event without his armory.

Nasir did his best against a player like Fares but victory against Fares was not more than a day dreaming. Nasir had gained 440 PSA points after winning the President Gold Cup Squash Championship earlier and now at least he was able to collect 125 points for appearing in the first round, but he would strive hard to get close to top 30, he would remain at around 37th to 39th.