LAHORE - The owner of a Lahore-based transport company masterminded the murder of a smart lady whose each body part was found dismembered in Kot Lakhpat about one month ago.

A senior police officer yesterday confirmed that owner of the Abdullah Travelers was arrested in connection with the horrific killing of a 27-year-old woman.

“We have arrested five persons including Anwar Kasai in connection with a murder a month ago,” Lahore Capital City Police Officer Muhammad Amin Wains said.

“My officers took this blind case of a horrible crime as a challenge and arrested the suspects. They would be brought to justice”.

Three bags stuffed with body parts of a good-looking woman were spotted by passersby within the radius of a five-kilometer around Kot Lakhpat locality on October 15.

A police team also arrested four accomplices of Chaudhry Anwar who had an affair with the woman identified as Tasleem Bibi. Police sources revealed the attractive lady was a “keep of the millionaire”.

A police investigator said that another “keep” of the transporter had also played an important role in Tasleem’s murder after she came to know that her lover had an affair with another one.

The second suspect was named by police as Nageena Bibi, alias Boss, who confessed to the murder.

During interrogation, Nageena told the police that Chaudhry Anwar wanted to ‘get rid of Tasleem’. She also disclosed to the police the names of another three accomplices – Salman, Shahbaz, and Shazia Bibi.

“What we understand is that the transporter had sex relations with two women at the same time. Both were living in separate bungalows and he had been paying all their expenses – ranging from quality life to massive shopping,” the officer said, requesting anonymity.

On the other hand, Lahore CIA police claimed that both the women were working as housemaid at the residence of Chaudhry Anwar Kasai. Sources close to the investigations said some powerful persons tried to influence the police probe at the initial stage.

According to Nageena, the victim had threatened Chaudhry that she would disclose to his family about their relationship if he tried to end the affair.

“We called Tasleem at a party that we had arranged at a house in Defense on that night. She was strangulated to death during the party in which everybody was drunk,” Nageena said.

“We took her body to the servant quarter where she was chopped off. And her body parts were stuffed in three different bags”. Police have also recovered a knife from the house where the woman was killed mercilessly, according to another investigator.

Earlier reports said the dismembered hands, arms, legs, feet, and neck were discovered in two bags spotted on the Ferozepur Road while the torso was stuffed in the third bag recovered from Township police precincts. All the body parts were shifted to the Jinnah Hospital morgue for autopsy.

The murder probe was launched after police concluded that the severed body parts recovered from different bags belonged to one woman.