LAHORE: The Indian security apparatus apparently wanted to check Pakistan’s preparedness and response to sudden threats at the border, members of the security services opined yesterday when asked about a strange incident at Wagah-Attari border. In the early hours of Monday an Indian driver named Surinder Singh, claimed by Indian authorities to be drunk at the time, rammed his speeding jeep into gate of the crossing point. The man breached the security on the Indian side by overrunning a check post and reached zero point of the border. The vehicle stopped only when it crashed into the Pakistani side of the border gate.

The Punjab Rangers reportedly have written a letter to the Border Security Forces (BSF) seeking an inquiry into yesterday’s breach of security at Wagah. The driver, a Canadian national of Indian origin, was arrested by BSF personnel while his car was confiscated by Rangers but later returned to the Indian officials following a request from the BSF. Security services members sharing preliminary assessments on the incident told The Nation the incident seems to have been staged by the Indian intelligence agencies with the purpose to check “our preparedness and immediate response protocol”. This could be a prelude to a bigger operation, involving border breach, inside Pakistani territory by the Indians, they said, asserting that the Indian authorities “are telling a cock and bull story” about the incident.

“The security protocol to check the vehicles is almost the same on both sides of the border. Both sides have check points at least two miles ahead of the zero-line. No vehicle can pass without proper check and clearance. There are shoot-to-kill orders for any forcible entry of a person or vehicle,” they explained. “Why the Indian border security forces did not shot at the speeding vehicle, which they saw would not stop and could create an international incident,” they questioned.

This could also be a plot to create a controversy by using this Non-Resident Indian man and putting the blame on Pakistan at the time of Pakistan Army chief’s visit to the US that did not went the way they wanted, the security officials said, adding “We are looking into all the possibilities.” The Pakistani security services have some indications about the strong possibilities of staged incidents by the new Indian intelligence arrangement being handled by three ex-RAW heads, who are part of the Modi government, they added.

They believe that Indian forces’ unprovoked shelling over past few months on Pakistani Working Boundary in the areas of district Sialkot was actually to assess the depth, response and sustaining capacity of our forces as part of a plan to launch a small scale incursion. The Indian media reports claimed Surinder Singh was drunk when he hit the check points and crashed his vehicle into the Indian gate which suffered greater damage compared to the Pakistani gate. The reports claimed the 50-year-old man was undergoing psychiatric treatment.

During the initial investigation, the Canadian national reportedly told investigators that he wanted to pay homage at Nankana Sahib, the birthplace of Sikhism’s founder Guru Nanak, in Pakistani Punjab. He told the police that he did not want to wait for the visa and other formalities and adopted the illegal way, the Indian media reports quoted officials as saying.