The main package of CPEC falls into two parts of transport and energy. If all goes well and on schedule 21 agreements on energy, including gas, coal, and solar energy will be successful. This project would provide up to 6,400 MV of energy altogether. It will reduce the shortfall of 4,500 MV. With the CPEC there is hope that this route will open business opportunities for the traders in Pakistan. It opens a new door of cooperation in the agriculture sector which would help in the transfer of energy pertaining to agrochemical, pesticides, seeds, and fertilisers. Moreover, CPEC, some believe, will boost tourism in various regions. All in all, this investment by China will boost Pakistan’s $274 B GDP by over 15 %. Pakistan economic indicator like foreign reserves, GDP, employment rate will rise up and on the other hand inflation, fiscal budget deficit and unemployment going to be decline. Some experts say that this initiative can bring greater cohesion in South Asia, one of the world’s least economically integrated regions. Pakistan has gone in profit for the first time. The energy crisis is being tackled earnestly. Keeping strategic parity with India has now become an achievable goal for Pakistan. CPEC, connected to Gwadar, has the potential to radically alter the regional dynamics of trade, development, and politics. CPEC is a game changer for the entire region. It will uplift the life of about 3 billion people. 


Karachi, October 18.