In Quaid’s vision there was no space for businessmen or traders in politics, nor was there any room for paid servants of the state to get involved in land development schemes under garb of welfare, nor for any individual with split loyalty to hold any public office. It is unfortunate that almost every major politician, bureaucrat or khaki officer who has held the highest office in this country where fate of millions was concerned, has had all his family and assets located abroad. As if they have no faith in the long term survival of this country. How many other countries exist in the world where a political party is headed by an individual who holds a foreign nationality? Who has repeatedly talked and preached about breakup of Pakistan? Yet a former military dictator Musharraf has had no qualms in sharing power with him? It is time that those of us who have sworn an oath of allegiance to another country, or those who consider this country not worthy for their children to live in should have no role in politics, or hold any public office, elected, paid or ambassadorial. Let the fate and destiny of Pakistan be placed in hands of men and women holding one passport who have an undivided loyalty to this country. 


Lahore, October 16.