Punjabi is 10th most spoken language in the world. In this tech-era, Punjab’s mother tongue Punjabi is losing its importance not only at the global level but in its own country as well. Without a doubt, language is considered as the medium of communication and English is important, being a global language of communication, but one cannot have mental growth without knowing the mother-tongue which one learns at home. In fact, Punjabi has one of the most rich bodies of literature which can solve the ongoing extremism problems in Pakistan. 

The preaching of Sufi poets of Punjab is very pertinent to spread love and morality as well as tolerance among people. Though English school has cleared its stance about this particular issue but irony is in Pakistan, art and linguistics are not being preserved and promoted on national or international level. There are very few literary conferences happening in the country. There is biopic coming out of Hollywood on the subject of life of Rumi. We have many poets and Sufi literature which needs to be shown to the world. 

When will the people of Pakistan and specially Punjab own their culture and governments will help to promote it? 


Islamabad, November 15.