I would like to draw your attention to psoriasis- it one of the most prevalent auto-immune skin diseases in developing countries including Pakistan. Currently, around three to five percent people in Pakistan are suffering from psoriasis, but most them are not fully aware of this common disease, the timely diagnosis and proper treatment. According to a study by the Pakistan Psoriasis Foundation (PPF), most psoriasis patients in the country dismiss the disease as a non-life threatening medical condition and avoid its due treatment until it develops into an emergency. In most cases, many remain under-treated owing to long-term treatment expenses while some psoriasis patients also complain of discrimination since psoriasis is generally perceived as a contagious disease, which is incorrect. This shows that there is a great misunderstanding about the disease and some concrete efforts are required to raise awareness of psoriasis, its symptoms, early detection, treatment, prevention and risk factors.


Lahore, November 2.