LOS ANGELES - Nicole Kidman made a pact with Meryl Streep to work with more women.

The ‘Killing of a Sacred Deer’ actress revealed a ‘’group’’ of stars had a discussion about how to back ladies in the film industry and pledged to collaborate more with female directors.

Nicole - who has two upcoming projects, ‘She Came To Me’ and ‘Destroyer’, in the pipeline with female directors - revealed: ‘’A group of us sat around one night... Meryl Streep was the one who said... ‘We have to literally get behind women, particularly female directors.’ ‘’

The 50-year-old actress - who has Isabella, 24, and Connor, 22, with her ex Tom Cruise and Sunday, nine, and Faith, six, with her husband Keith Urban - is best known for her movie career, but she’s also been using her vocal talents lately and sings back-up on her husband’s new single, ‘Female’.

She admitted in an interview with ‘Extra’: ‘’I do a little bit.’’

And Nicole admitted the ‘’beautiful’’ song makes her emotional.

She said: ‘’It makes me cry.’’

The ‘Big Little Lies’ star recently admitted she is determined to be an ‘’advocate’’ for women and vowed to work with a female director every 18 months.

She said: ‘’As an actor you’re only as good as the things you’re offered. And there just weren’t any women offering me things. So when you dissect that, you realise there aren’t women offering you things because they don’t have the opportunities. I work to raise money for women’s cancers; I use my voice for violence against women. And so I was like, ‘I need to be part of the movement that will, hopefully, change the statistics in my field.’ ‘’I also can’t be talking about it and not doing it. Because, to be an advocate, you have to actually put things into action. It’s like, ‘OK, Rebecca. You’re making a movie? Let’s go.’ ‘OK, Karyn Kusama’ - I’m working with her next - ‘we may not have an enormous budget, but let’s go do it. I’ll get down in the trenches with you.’’