In the early 1960’s Dough Englebart was created a new mouse ins his research lab at the University of the Stanford. The mouse was awarded a patent on 17th November in 1970. This was the first time a patent was given to a product. This started an age of patents and copyrights and unleashed a massive debate around the subjects. For economic liberals, patents represented justice within a free market system. It was the reward for innovation. However, for critics of this policy the whole system increased the exploitation in the capitalistic world. For instance, many medicines are expensive and unavailable in poor countries, where the demand is highest, because of the system of patents and copy rights. Pharmacies and laboratories reserve the right to patent the medicine to maximize the profits. This debate has been ranging since the 1970’s and we still have no answer.

The patent system added the fuel of interest to the fire of genius.

–Abraham Lincoln