Fulfilling neighbour’s rights, undoubtedly, is an ultimate obligation in Islam which has now totally been neglected. Don’t know why people feel pleasure these days by causing trouble for their neighbours. Being ignorant of Islamic teachings about rights of neighbours, people now intend to develop rivalries instead of having good relations with neighbours. Dwellers of Sunyare Wali Street at Muslim Colony Jia Musa, Shahdara, are faced with a great ordeal as local milkmen who are influential dump excretion of their cattle and other wastes in a plot.

The practice has been carried out since long and there are heaps of garbage and animal waste thereby causing growth of mosquitoes and bees which cause spread of diseases. The local people repeated requested them to stop the practice but to no avail.

They say that nobody could take any steps against them. They also threatened if the affected people complained the authorities concerned against them, they would eliminated the whole family of such complainants from the earth surface.

Due to the threat, nobody in the area dares go against them. Thus, the local residents are very terrified because of the situation. The authorities concerned are requested to order ensure the cleanliness of the area so that the people could be saved from various diseases. The authorities concerned are also requested to provide the local people with protection of life and property.


Lahore, November 16.