The state of health in the country is nothing but abysmal due to the gross negligence of the sector over the years. The lack of funds available for the development and the absence of monitoring of the on-going work has allowed the space for quackery to prosper in several parts of the country. Despite the allocation of funds to fight contagious diseases like dengue and influenza, the number of patients is still not under control and diseases like hepatitis, tuberculosis, diabetes, thalassemia and heart diseases are on the rise. This means that the governments have not prioritised the development of the health sector and the common man is suffering as a result.

The condition of public health clinics is one story but the lack of data available on registered private hospitals has prompted several quacks to open for business and are treating patients like animals at slaughterhouses. There are no awareness campaigns to educate citizens regarding healthy living and the need to get themselves regularly checked. They do not understand the mechanisms for checking whether or not an individual is qualified enough to treat them and the actual public hospitals which are available are understaffed with less than the required equipment and minimum wage being offered to doctors after years of dedicated work.

Doctors in public hospitals also have made a business out of their practice by inciting people to not rely on government services and instead pay a little more fee and visit their private clinics. These corrupt practices prevail due to the lack of audit of such spaces. The government, at the same time, needs to register official pathology labs to ensure that patients are not misdiagnosed and also recognise official franchise medicine shops. All of these practices will develop a reliance on the health system and several lives could be saved.