I want to show my concern to encourage the use of public transport instead of private vehicles. We are suffering from the air pollution. Private vehicles are constantly increasing. There is a well established system of public transport in Pakistan, but unfortunately people avoid using it.

There are so many reasons for this human behavior. We prefer to go on our own car, instead of public transport. Condition of traffic is worst. People are getting ill due to smog issues especially in cities. Public transport is cheap enough that anyone can afford it. In fact our working environment gets effected due to worst traffic issue. To be very honest, there is a lack of awareness in our society. It is necessary for everybody to get awareness about benefits of the public transport. It is also the responsibility of health department to aware everyone. Public transportation prices are quite affordable.

There is difficult to control such a huge traffic. Even breathing issues arises day by day. It is request to all of you to please encourage public transport for your own health. The more you would buy cars, the more petrol would consume and more you would go to hospitals.

I humbly states that please encounter this issue to aware people about side effects of using private transport. And government should take action to control over traffic.


Lahore, November 2.