ISLAMABAD-Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) is facing a departmental rift as one of the senior officials on Saturday urged the Ministry of National Health Services to form a fact finding committee to assess the public health damages caused by the authority.

A senior official of DRAP has written a letter to the Special Assistant to Prime Minister Dr. Zafar Mirza urging him to look into administrative affairs of the department and asses the damages caused to public health.

Copy of the letter available with The Nation said quantum of real public health damages associated needs to be assessed thoroughly by the independent Facts Finding Committee and the responsible destroying public trust should be made accountable to avoid such reoccurrence in future.

The letter said that all appointments, postings, transfers, deputations etc are required to be revisited for the respect of rule of law, grace of public office and in the interest of obligatory justice.

The letter mentioning the departmental administrative problems said that attention of SAPM on health is required particularly for the “[i] Posting of Directors, BPS-20 or equivalent, [ii] Giving Current/Additional Charges to juniors for unlimited time, [iii] Posting of one officer at multiple positions, [iv] Preventing some officers to perform legitimate duties without recording any reason, [v] Discretionary transfers, [vi] Awarding deputations, [vii] Offering Non-obligatory privileges as discretion.”

It added “it is not incorrect to suggest that all has and being done with not good faith but to cripple the objectives of regulatory organisation on the cost of public health.

It is a fact that misuse of authority or willful failure to prevent undue favour in public organisations is either corruption or corrupt practices.”

Letter also stated that the authority shall consist of a full time Chief Executive Officer and 13 directors who shall be appointed by the federal government on the recommendation of the board, whose qualifications, terms and conditions shall be such as may be prescribed.

It said allegedly 13 members out of 14 of the authority are appointed contrary to law & the same practice is continued. Furthermore, if a vacancy in a higher post occurs for less than 2 months, the current charge of duties of the post may be given temporarily, with the approval of appointing authority to the said post to the senior most officer in the cadre present at the place or in the organisation where the vacancy may have occurred, if he is otherwise fit and eligible for promotion.

Letter said that since, appointments/postings/deputations within DRAP are controlled and authorised from your good office therefore, I consider it as an obligation to share that a lot of summaries are not being correctly suggested to the highest office and are inconsistent with the Act of Parliament or Rule of Law or Principle of Merit.

When contacted DRAP Deputy Director Obaid Ali he confirmed writing the letter to the Ministry of National Health Services on DRAP administrative affairs.

“I own this letter,” he said.

Senior official of the Ministry of National Health Services responding to The Nation said that though he has not received the letter officially, but authority has recommended DRAP employees regulations to be placed before policy board constituted under DRAP Act, 2012 for removing bottlenecks in the placement of permanent officers as directors of DRAP.

The authority was facing numerous problems such as placement of permanent directors, robust working and procedural delays and problems will be addressed soon, he said.