Islamabad-From traditional to modern and fusion, every year ‘EAT’ Festival brings us food from all around town that is worth queuing for.

The three day Islamabad ‘Eat’ food festival held at Fatima Jinnah F-9 Park attracted a huge number of visitors from all the hooks and crannies of the city, providing families with an opportunity to enjoy a wholesome and clean atmosphere. The almost dizzying assortment of food left the throngs of visitors drifting from stall to stall in a state of indecision.

There were women lining up for tickets as men were not allowed to enter alone. The festival was strictly for families and the organisers ensured this rule was enforced.

Exquisitely adorned with lights and tempting 70 stalls of local street food, home operated food joints, and restaurants, Islamabad ‘Eat’ again attracted food lovers towards the magic of food and nonstop fun.

Held every year, Eat Food Fest celebrates Pakistan’s emergence as a gastronomic destination. There is something for everyone to get a taste of including gourmet creations, scrumptious, street-side bites, or the very best home-grown fusion food. Whether you are a foodie enthusiast in search of the latest food trends, or a couple eager to try the finest celebrity chef offerings, Eat fest has it all.

“I am really satisfied with the food here, I just wish there was a jumping castle for the children. There could have been more activities for kids,” said a mother, KanzaMansab.

“It is quite small this time around. Previously, the entire park had been filled with stalls,” said Ayesha Sulman.

Ms Maliha, on the other hand, said she was there for the lively atmosphere and not really the food. “It has been a nice outing,” she said.

“More such events should be organised as they can breathe life into the city which has been affected by disturbances for more than a decade,” said Dr Ansa, a visitor attending the food festival with her family.

Taking to this scribe, Aslam Khan and Omar Omari of CKO Event Architecture said: “We remain focused on our objectives behind the festival, which is to provide great family entertainment, reactivation of public spaces around our cities and to inspire a community spirit.The purpose behind it is of course to create an experience which is as inclusive as possible whilst maintaining the original concept of promoting home grown eateries as well as established ones.Eat Festival is an iconic event and we are proud and excited that we are putting forward a positive image of our country.”

Famous music bands Lil Mafia Munder, Noman and 21 the band performed on the first day of the festival and enthralled the foodies with their power packed performances.