LAHORE - Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar said that 104-day curfew in occupied Kashmir is the biggest tragedy of this century. He said that Modi Sarkar is committing worst violations of human rights in the valley.

He said that malicious Indian face has been exposed by depriving Kashmiris from food, medicines and essential items. He stressed the world community to take notice of this serious situation.

He said that there is no precedent of Indian savagery and barbarity in occupied Kashmir. He said that locking the mosques and stop the Muslims for offering prayers negates the Indian claim for being a secular state.

He said that attitude of Indian government with Muslims in Occupied Kashmir as well as in other States is highly deplorable. Sardar Usman Buzdar said that India has now been converted into a narrow-minded extremist state. He said that sense of insecurity among the Indian minorities is being raised due to Hindu extremism. He said that India should know that revoking the special status of Kashmir cannot oversight Kashmir issue. He said that there is a reaction of every action, response of Indian atrocities and oppression in occupied Kashmir can be awful. He said that occupied Kashmir is a disputed territory which needs resolution.

For ensuring sustainable peace in the region it is necessary that Kashmir dispute should be solved according to UN resolutions. He said that due to the efforts of Prime Minister Imran Khan, Kashmir issue has been highlighted at international level, whereas, sit in damaged the Kashmir cause. He said that no one can isolate Kashmir from Pakistan as our hearts beat together. He further maintained that we are standing with our Kashmiris brethren like a rock.

He said that torch of freedom in Kashmir will not be gone out. Despite continues curfew and atrocities of Indian army, spirits of Kashmiris are still high. He said that indian nefarious designs to genocide Kashmiri will not be succeeded. He said Pakistan will never leave alone to their Kashmiri brethren, he concluded.

CM message on International Day for Student Rights: Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar, in his message on the occasion of international day for students rights, has said that provision of quality and modern education to the students is the basic responsibility of the state.

He said that students play a key role to achieve the goal of development to the country.