LAHORE - Second day of Faiz International Festival witnessed some productive discussions on the state of democracy, problems facing the mainstream media and the role of social media in shaping up the political discourse in Pakistan.

Jalila Haidar and Farooq Tariq expressed their views on “Politics of left in Pakistan” highlighting the ups and down of leftists’ parties in the country.

In the panel discussion on ZA Bhutto’s politics, Shamim Ahmad and IA Rehman talked about Bhutto’s political vision, his political contribution and sacrifice for democracy. Speaking at a session on “Pakistan: the way Forward”, PPP’s Farhatulla Babar took credit for passing of the 18th constitutional amendment which he said blocked the way of martial law. He termed the handing over of power to PML-N after 2013 general elections the first democratic transition in last ten years. He also called this first peaceful transition of power as a big step forwarded in strengthening democracy in Pakistan. He also condemned curbs on freedom of expression and ban on the distribution of certain newspapers and TV channels in the Cantonment areas.

Andleeb Abbas of the PTI spoke about hazards of the social media saying that mainstream media would pick up news from the social media without checking their accuracy.