LAHORE (PR) - Dr SA Aziz Bukhari, Executive Member, Supreme Council of NPCIH Pakistan has said concept of tolerance is originated and gifted by Islam/and the Islamic civilisation which is borrowed by the western civilisation as well. He said the unanimous concept and definition of tolerance is “Control and stop himself /herself from negativism and overcome upon the negative thoughts, negative feelings and negative acts and retain himself always upon positivism”. In a message on International Day of Tolerance he said tolerance is a negation of extremism. “In a juristic view, tolerance is the only way to keep and maintain the balance of the system of everything of the universe, either of the society or amongst the organs of the state. It may be amongst the institutions of a government or amongst the segments of politics and amongst the sect for the religions, because, the tolerance is the only and only way & method, which provides and ensures guarantee of peace amongst the countries and the nations of the world.”