ISLAMABAD " On the special directions of the Chief Commissioner ICT Kamran Lashari, the Deputy Commissioner ICT Amer Ali Ahmed held an important meeting with the owners of Islamabad flour -mills associations and flour dealers in order to streamline and regulate the supply of 20kg flour bags at the control rate of Rs420. The meeting was informed that 32,000 flour bags are required daily to meet the requirement of Islamabad and presently only 16,000 flour bags were being supplied in the city daily due to reducing the quota of wheat by the Punjab Government after Ramadan. The Chief Commissioner ICT Kamran Lashari has requested the Punjab Government to enhance the wheat quota in order to meet the requirement of the District. Amer Ali Ahmad informed the meeting that he has contacted the Rawalpindi Administration for addressing the shortfall and 22,000 flour bags were being arranged to meet the requirement of the city till the enhancement of wheat quota by the Punjab government. ICT Administration has decided to deploy the revenue staff at the flour- mills to monitor the supply of flour bags through flour dealers and checking of record relating to atta supply. 4 monitoring teams headed by the magistrates would also verify the record at the retail level by conducting the visits of market. Deputy Commissioner ICT made it clear that ICT administration would ensure the sale of flour bags at the control rate at all cost and those indulging in over charging would be not be spared. ICT administration has also enhanced the flour sale points from 10 to 16 and magistrates would daily conduct checking of sale points in the city and rural areas to ensure the smooth and sufficient availability of flour bags and civil defense volunteers have been deployed the points to monitor the sale and supply. Flour dealers would also provide the list retailers to the ICT daily regarding  the supply of the flour bags . Millers would ensure the delivery of flour bags to the dealers till 11 AM maximum. ICT administration has also set up 6 pickets at Golre ,Tarnol,Sangjani,Pirsohawa, Koral and Satra meel  to check the illegal movement of flour bags out of Islamabad and food department and revenue officials have been deployed at the pickets.    Meanwhile the magistrates on Thursday ensured the supply of flour bags in rural areas particularly in Bhara Kau and Tarlai through trucks whict was appreciated by the local community at large.