I returned to Islamabad after a gap of 5 years. I walked extensively, cycled and drove across the city. And I was thrilled by the visionary changes I saw. Entire wastelands have been converted into beautiful parks with walking and cycling tracks, the ramshackle huts in Saidpur have been converted into an exquisite model village for visitors and tourists, barren open spaces turned into tennis and cricket grounds for the public. The distance between Rawalpindi and Islamabad has been reduced in time by dual carriageways for fast-moving vehicles. Municipal workers cleaned the city even on Eid holidays and public parks were kept neat and free of urchins playing cricket and football so that citizens walked and picnicked there in peace and security. All this and much more has been achieved during the tenure of a committed visionary and action-oriented chairman of the Capital Development Authority, Kamran Lashari. In an age when only negative points of civil servants are focused upon, Kamran Lashari's stupendous contribution to Islamabad deserves the highest appreciation. News of his replacement saddened me but I hope the services of this outstanding officer are utilized in an equally challenging environment somewhere else. -SHAHARYAR .M. KHAN, Former Foreign Secretary, Lahore, October 9.