The entire history of the foreign diplomatic visits of our rulers is a glorious history. The number of such visits must run into thousands. And each visit has been a marvellous success. Whenever a ruler flew back home after a foreign visit, he flew back with flying colours. And he declared his visit a tremendous success. Pakistan has yet to experience a foreign visit by its rulers which is not a grand success. Nature seems to have made a law about Pakistani rulers' diplomatic visits abroad. According to this law, every foreign visit by a Pakistani ruler is preordained to be a superb success. The success is as preordained as the sun is preordained to rise in the east and set in the west. The day a visit turned out to be a failure, the cosmic order would be upset. The sun would start rising in the west and setting in the east. We are lucky that we don't have to wait to know the ultimate result of a visit. Since every visit is preordained to be a success, we must begin celebrating the success from the very moment a ruler flies out. And the celebrations must continue till he is back home. Even some of the most advanced countries of the world have confessed the failure of some of their foreign missions. Even America has made such confessions. Poor America Pakistan has beaten even America out of this field. In order to avoid future humiliations, the White House should request Pakistan to train her diplomats in the art of foreign visits. Ours is a land of extreme successes and extreme failures. So far as our foreign affairs are concerned, the rulers have achieved phenomenal successes. But so far as our domestic affairs are concerned they have achieved equally phenomenal failures. But they must not be blamed. One can't achieve great success in every field of life. One has to make choices. The rulers have chosen our foreign affairs as their top priority. And they must be applauded for their superb successes in this field. It is impossible for the rulers to be simultaneously busy looking after domestic as well as foreign affairs effectively. If we are eager to have successes simultaneously in our domestic as well as foreign affairs then we must have two governments. One of the governments should keep injecting her blood into our domestic affairs and the other one into the foreign affairs. Only two governments can guarantee both domestic and foreign prosperity. Pakistan was achieved in the name of Islam. But almost every government has run it in the name of America. We enjoy being America's political puppets. No wonder, America has transmuted us into her political robots. So far as Pakistan is concerned, America never means what she says. And what she means she never says. America has been regularly violating our territorial sanctity. Whenever a violation occurs, we protest. America apologises. We feel proud. We accept the apology. The apology is hardly a day or two old when a new violation takes place. We again protest. America again apologises. We again feel proud. We again accept the apology. The violations and the apologies have been flourishing side by side. America is proud of her violations. We are proud of her apologies. America has been waging a fierce political war against Iran. The war started when the Iranians flung the ages-old emperorship out of their land. America was furious. She loved Iranian emperorship. She loved it because she herself is establishing her own emperorship in certain parts of the world. The Republican and the Democratic candidates for the While House have declared that nuclear Pakistan is a danger to India and nuclear Iran is a danger to Israel. The implication is that both must be subjected to pre-emptive strike. The declaration against Iran is understandable. But with respect to Pakistan it is simply mind-boggling. Pakistan has always been a part of America's empire. In other words, Pakistan has always been America's political steward. On the contrary, Iran has been waging a holy war against America since the Islamic Revolution. Bracketing Pakistan with Iran by the White House candidates is a horrible mystery. For our survival we must learn to live with the mystery. The White House candidates have also declared that they are in favour of continuing the Afghan war. But the military generals have warned Bush that the war cannot be won. Poor generals They must know that Bush knew long before what they have come to know now. Bush is not in Afghanistan to win it. He is there to destroy it. He has a simple military metaphysics. According to it, destruction is more glorious than victories. Bush has demonstrated his military philosophy in Iraq. The generals' warning is a crude interference in Bush's personal military philosophy. The writer is an academic