THE PPP-PML-N coalition in Punjab has been of late on a shaky ground. While the PML-N had a grouse against the PPP that the Governor Salman Taseer was creating trouble for the government, the PPP has said that its demands have not been fulfilled. Apart from 40 percent quota in provincial ministries, the PPP has an eye on the post of prosecutor general. There is also the issue of allocation of portfolios. Though members from both parties held talks in the CM secretariat on Wednesday in an attempt to resolve the issues amicably, it seems nothing much could be achieved. PPP senior minister Raja Riaz and others came out saying that their grievances had not been removed as promised by the PML-N. These are not real issues especially when it comes to alleviating the misery of the people and the multifarious threats faced by the country. It bears repeating that despite high-level talks earlier between President Asif Ali Zardari and Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif little progress could be made. Rather things were back to square one. Six months have elapsed since the formation of the government and it is unfortunate that so much time has been wasted trying to settle these small issues. One had wished that attention had rather been focused on nation building. There is likewise a perception in public circles that both parties were trying to make a case to lay the blame on the other and thus make political capital out of it. When seen in a broader perspective this would tantamount to strengthening undemocratic forces.