LAHORE - The lawyers' movement that was dispersed after the inconclusive end of long march and judges' falling to government's trap of reappointment, has again started to pick up momentum with the participation of their top leadership. The independent analysts say the movement will take further leap in the wake of upcoming election of supreme court bar association and restarting of deposed chief justice Iftikhar Chaudhry's visits to bar association across the country. However, the zero participation of PML-N, the largest opposition party in the centre, have astonished the legal fraternity despite the fact that their central leader and great admirer of lawyers' struggle Javed Hashmi addressed the Lahore High Court Bar Association ahead of their weekly rally. The focus of the lawyers Thursday's rally was to vent their anger against PPP and especially President Asif Zardari whom they considered the tumbling block in way of Justice Iftikhar's restoration.  The lawyers were chanting, "Go Zardai Go" in the presence of Aitzaz Ahsan who had joined the rally in midway. Contrary to previous rallies, this time Aitzaz did not stop a bunch of chanting lawyers from raising slogans against Zardari. Hmaid Khan, head of Professional group, along with Ali Ahmed Kurd who is candidate for SCBA's president, also took part in the rally to woo the voters. Soon after the conclusion of general house meeting, the lawyers, representatives of civil society, and political workers took out a rally on the Mall and march to the Governor House. This week the Lahore Bar Association has announced to march to Assembly Hall chamber but the situation turned drastically when a bunch of lawyers advanced towards governor house after removing police barricades. All the lawyers including Aitzaz Ahan and office bearers of the LHCBA followed them but LBA president Manzoor Qadir insisted that he would not go beyond the announced route. Some senior lawyers intervened and successfully persuaded him to change his decision in the larger interest of the community. An other interesting incident happened when the rally reached in front of Alhamra Hall, school children who have come there to participate in a variety show, joined lawyers' in their sloganeering against President Zardari and in favour of CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry. After reaching the Governor House, the lawyers divided in small groups and recorded their protest against in their own way. Addressing the participants, Aitzaz Ahsan vowed that the lawyers would continue their struggle till the achievement of their goal of CJ's restoration. He hoped that the coming days would bring good news about Justice Iftikhar's reinstatement. Ali Ahmed Kurd said the lawyers would never recognise Abdul Hameed Dogar as constitutional CJ and the day of October 28 would prove it. Hamid Khan said PPP candidate would face crushing defeat on October 28 election because the lawyers had out-rightly rejected him for siding with Dogar. After staying an hour in front of governor house, the lawyers dispersed peacefully. No security was provided to lawyers on the rally's route however, heavy deployment was made outside governor house.