Hardly any single day passes by when we do not see or read something regarding the positive developments taking place in Punjab due to efforts of Chief Minister Mr. Shahbaz Sharif. Mr. Sharif is working untiringly for the welfare of people in his well-scattered jurisdiction. He has won the heart of his people through bringing improvement in the state-run hospitals, conducting of open courts to dispense relief and social justice to downtrodden people, suspending negligent administrative officers of every department working in various cities of Punjab. A case in point is the Rajanpur district, a remote outpost of Punjab, where he provided relief to the flood-affected people under extremely difficult circumstances. Mr. Sharif has been providing a bag of atta for just 300 rupees during Ramadan all over Punjab, antagonizing influential flour millers who now seem all set to topple him with the help of central government. The same bag of atta, by the way, is sold for 600 rupees in Sindh and up to 900 rupees in NWFP. If Shahbaz Sharif is made CM of the other provinces for separate tenures of six-months each, he will be able to minimize their economic problems just the way he has done in Punjab. -ZAFAR ISMAIL, Karachi, via e-mail, September 30.