Since 9/11 2001, when Afghanistan was targeted in the name of war on terror, no signs of eradication of terrorism seem evident anywhere. The war on terror itself has extended from Afghanistan into Iraq since and even Iran is seriously threatened because the Americans consider it to be a part of the Axis of Evil. Another part of that evil, in the eyes of the Americans, is Pakistan. Pakistan is, in fact, considered a greater evil. I can recall a statement of General Mirza Aslam Beg during the first American/Iraq war. He had said that America would definitely target Iran and Pakistan too. It appears that no Muslim country with potential to rise up against the world powers is safe from wrath of America. That is why America wants to fight us too. The question, though is why are we fighting with our own citizens for the sake of America? May be we will be able to silence those in the tribal belt but that will not satisfy the American who will not rest until they have taken out the nuclear teeth from Pakistan defence. America has secured oil from Iraq for funding its war on terror. America has destroyed Afghanistan because of its Islamic system. America is now knocking at our door in Waziristan. Pakistan will have to defend its sovereignty or else it will have to surrender its nuclear assets with out war. The parliament must formulate a strategy to save Pakistan. -DR ABID RAUF ORAKZAI, Islamabad, via e-mail, September 28.