THE fall in the price of oil hitting a 13-month low on Wednesday has raised hopes that it would have a positive impact on the high oil prices at home. The government earlier had promised that it would slash the price in line with its rate in the international market. The unprecedented increase in oil prices in Pakistan had in turn fuelled overall inflation by many degrees, crippling people's ability to buy basic commodities. While this had dealt a heavy blow on the country's overall growth, it is the common man who has been pushed below the poverty line. In a country where unemployment is rampant and where a large number households depend on a single breadwinner the ballooning inflationary trend has proved to be a veritable monster. The 50 percent increase in electricity tariffs is another worry people would have to confront. The government would have to view the situation in the backdrop of the global economic crisis and take remedial measures. Lowering the price of petroleum would be a step in right direction.