KARACHI - Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) chief Qazi Hussain Ahmed on Wednesday charged the sole purpose of government behind organising a militia in tribal areas to pave the way for US intervention into the country to destabilise it by creating chaos and anarchy. Addressing a press conference at Idara-e-Noor Haq along with JI Karachi chief Mohammad Hussain Mehanti and Hafeez Naeemur Rehman, he urged the government to take bold decision regarding its relationship with the US and made it clear that Pakistan would not fight Washington's so-called terror war by killing its own citizens. He alleged that US was responsible for creating chaos and anarchy in Pakistan by alienating masses from political leadership and the army.  Denouncing the ongoing operation in tribal areas, Qazi said that United States and India were against durable peace in Pakistan, accusing them hatching conspiracies against Pakistan. He underlined the need to change the wrong policies of the Musharraf regime and urged the democratic government to resolve crises of poverty, suicide bombing and economic stagnation in the country. He clarified that JI had not boycotted the in-camera session of the Parliament. Qazi claimed the common people were more aware about the security situation than the one being provided to the parliamentarians during in-camera session of the Parliament. He alleged that US was creating anarchy in the country, adding that establishing tribal Lashkar will prove detrimental to national unity. "People have welcomed the JI train march from Peshawar to Karachi so the rulers should give up policies formulated to appease US on the cost of Pakistan's national interests", Qazi said. Referring to the increase of more than 70 per cent power-tariff in Karachi, Qazi Hussain Ahmed said it was injustice with the local peoples and demanded the government to restore the production of nine thermal power stations, which had closed their business. He further said that personalities and religious scholars from across the world including Saudi Arabia, Iran, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sudan and other countries would be invited at the annual congregation of the JI.