The recent order of the Apex Court that the executive order of reinstatement of Supreme Court Judges could not be taken back short of being declared a subversion of the Constitution feels like a breath of fresh air in the form of majesty of law that invigorates the soul of our nation. The Apex Court was aware of November 3rd 2007 emergency plus imposition which was denied a day earlier. So this was a case of once bitten twice shy. This time our Apex Court has grown wiser. It has rightly nipped the evil in the bud by pre-empting the apparently proposed move by the authorities to scuttle the top judiciary. It goes to the credit of all the 17 Judges of the Apex Court to have smelled the rat in time to the relief of the people of Pakistan. Allah Almighty may bless them. DR. MUHAMMAD YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, October 16.