LAHORE - Winning the loyalty of talented and high profile clientele in the world, the atmosphere of Ciros Pomodoro, an Italian Restaurant and Bar, has been spoken of as unsurpassed. Since 1978, Ciro Orsini has managed to create a fun-loving experience, which is not only about great Italian food, but also about Italian family fun. Ciro, as the founder of his unique brand, with the assistance of his nephews, Antonio Coppola and Ciro Jr says: We are a team and partners, and we are continuing this great success story throughout the world. We are now in US, Britain, Romania, the Middle East, China, now opening in Lahore, Pakistan. That is why each restaurant becomes a meeting place for out-going and friendly people. We are a big international family. We employ top professionals chefs who surpass in Italian Cuisine. Our extensive 20 Mocktails list, will compliment your every occasion, our entire team will be ready to assist you. That is why Ciros Pomodoro in Lahore will become a great place for lunch and dinner, as well as a socialising spot for after-party events, where you can unwind, eat, drink and listen to great music.