Babar Awans sabre-rattling on Friday in which he trivialised the judicial crisis, can surely be regarded as a straw in the wind; in between the lines he is suggesting that the government has no intention of giving up the confrontation with judiciary and will continue to defy the Supreme Court orders on a number of issues, not least the NRO.The Law Minister termed the reports on media about revocation of executive orders reinstating the judges as baseless even though the SC the other day had observed in its standing order that such reports were not wrong and that the Prime Minister must explain in writing. Worse still, Mr Awans statement that adherence to law should not be one-sided is very much disappointing. He should be telling that to the marines. It is the PPP-led federal government that has made a mockery of the rule of law and accountability. In the same vein, his statement about politicisation of the judiciary leaves a bad taste in the mouth, especially as it shows his bare-faced impudence to resort to mud-slinging vis--vis the apex judiciary. Overall, Mr Awans derogatory rhetoric would be grist to the mill of those who accuse the government to be a spitting image of the Musharraf regime in terms of utter disregard shown towards the SC. Under the circumstances, the government would further lose its credibility in the eyes of the general public, if it continues to stick to its defiant mode. There are no ifs and buts about the SCs decision, which clearly states that the NRO-tainted politicians and officials would have to be given marching orders. The PPP leadership is only laying itself open to a serious counter-attack from all those who favour the rule of law. They must realise that the ongoing tussle is a fruitless exercise and cannot be continued indefinitely. It will not be long before the situation gets serious and given the determination of civil society, the PML-N and the legal fraternity to stand by the Supreme Court, the Zardari camp would find itself in a very tight spot. The government must clean up its act.