A terrific and unique type of disaster hit the country of Chile, in South America. Chile as a country has many similarities to our beloved Pakistan. Chile is famous for having been ruled by a military dictator Angusto Pinochet. Chiles government was over-thrown by General Angusto Pinochet in 1973. In 1989, an elected president took over while Pinochet remained as army commander, for another eight years. In 2010, the disasters visited Pakistan in July-August and Chile on 5 August. Pakistan is still suffering because of its unprecedented and colossal havoc caused by rains. Chile faced a dreadful calamity when on 5 Aug, a mine collapsed leaving 33 miners entrapped in the rocks. For the first 17 days, they were all presumed to be dead. Through a small hole, hydrogen gel was passed along with water and food. In the meantime some ideas to some engineers outside motivated them to bore a shaft down to reach the captive miners. A device in the form of a steel capsule to carry one man at a time was created. The time was getting short. The relatives came and camped close to the site praying to God for mercy. Days were turning into weeks. On the 69th day, the operation Rescue started. The President Sebastian Pineras presence at the site to receive the shaken miners, with tears in his eyes, was a rare, and dedicated example of leadership in the present day Democracy. One way travel for each miner was a period of 40 minutes, through 2050 feet of rock. The Chileans themselves did all the effort; and see the miracle as all 33 miners were rescued alive after staying in a critical state very close to death for 70 days. Each trip of the capsule was a different scene of love and passion. Gods mercy was in great abundance and the site was full of tears and joy. A nation had been united after this great trial. Indeed It is true that God helps those who help themselves. BRIG (r) A.Q ANJUM, Rawalpindi, October 16.