LAHORE- PML-N MNA Hamza Shahbaz says fruits of democracy have not reached the common man and in case the opposition keeps silent any more, despondency in society will go up. Talking to reporters here on Saturday, he said time had come for the PML-N to break silence and take appropriate decisions. Hamza said President Zardari was like a suicide-bomber who, if not defused, could cause serious damage. He said the nation had played a role in the 'liberation of judiciary and he was at a loss to understand why the government had turned against it. He called the NRO a black law, which had made Pakistan a laughing stock across the world. He said his party had never talked of midterm polls or anything else that could destabilize the government. However, he said, the rulers had brought the situation to a point that it could not be set right without a change. He said he would not say the performance of the Punjab government was ideal. But, he said, the government was doing its best to solve peoples problems.