I would like to draw the attention of the authorities towards poor health facilities and inadequate sanitation at Civil Hospital Karachi. CHK is one of the biggest government hospitals, providing health care to a majority of poor patients. But the sanitary conditions beggars description. While the rooms, patient wards and floors are unclean, stray dogs and cats have made the hospital premises their abode. Likewise, there are no sweepers to clean the washrooms. Apart from this, lack of any proper arrangement for disposal of syringes and other surgery items, which carry germs of deadly diseases, really sends a chill down ones spine. Even the hedges outside the windows are full of debris, including used gloves and syringes. This is a serious health hazard not only for the health of the doctors but also the patients. We, therefore request the concerned authorities to take effective measures to improve the sanitary conditions in the hospital. We hope that the authorities will take action in quickest possible time. MARIAM IQBAL, Lahore, October 16.