The European Union might have agreed at last to the Pakistani demand for trade access, and that too because of the flooding it has suffered, but now it seems to be getting cold feet. At the same time, the USA and the international finance institutions it dominates are using Pakistans needs after this natural disaster to impose their conditions on Pakistan. The Friends of Pakistan, meeting now in Brussels, are trying to place conditions on Pakistan to receive aid for the floods, conditions which are suspiciously like the conditions being set by the international lending agencies, and which centre around the official corruption prevailing. Apart from the placing of flood aid as part of a deal on reforms, Italy has also said it would block the tariff cuts unless it was ensured that regional countries also did not receive this benefit. Italy was clearly responding to the Indian demand for equal treatment, which indicates that getting the tariff waiver as aid for flood losses, which India has not suffered, may make sense. The world community should pay heed to the Asian Development Bank, which has said that reconstruction might take two to three years, and called for pledges to come in by November, to make this possible. The ADB was assigned the task of damage assessment, and has said that the damage was of $9.7 billion. It appears that the world community, headed by the USA, has been scared off by this amount, and the international finance institutions, headed by the World Bank, have seen this as an opportunity to make Pakistan obey their demands, which basically revolve around participation in the US-imposed war on terror. With reports of renewed pressure on Pakistan to launch an operation in North Waziristan, these demands are clearly meant not to end the corruption that is the countrys bane, but to further US aims. If the Friends of Pakistan want to help Pakistan in its hour of need, they should do so, and not place conditions on aid they already owe to Pakistan for the help extended them in the war on terror. If they want to place conditions, after having imposed a government of their choice, they should be prepared to have their aid rejected. This attempt to exploit misery caused by a natural calamity to impose a foreign agenda will be strongly resisted by the people of Pakistan, even if their government joins the conspiracy against them. If the international community really wants to help Pakistan, it should do so without so much fuss, and not try to pursue its own interests so much.