ISLAMABAD The US-backed 'reconciliation strategy with Taliban without including Pakistan is likely to meet the same fate which the previous peace initiatives had met in Afghanistan. The paradoxical notions that have long influenced Pak-US relationship and have always been part of the US Afghan policy are again evident in the so-called reconciliation plan with Taliban. On one hand, the US sponsors dialogue with Taliban, and that too, without involving Pakistan. While on the other hand, it wants Pakistan Army to jump into North Waziristan without 'wasting a second. Again, Chairman of US Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen, and Defence Secretary, Robert Gates, are hallucinated with the images of ever-increasing militant sanctuaries in North Waziristan and, therefore, deem it inevitable to 'bless the region with countless drones. The US strategy is crystal clear, a stick for Pakistan and a carrot for India. The massive increase in drone attacks in NWA, the reports about US militarily eyeing Balochistan, and stereotypically boisterous statements from the key US officials suggest that US through NATO would keep pricking Pakistan by means of inflicting collateral damage in Pakistans territory unless NWA operation is kicked off. In Afghanistan, the secretive meetings of Taliban leaders with the NATO command and Indian military and diplomatic officials are underway while the UN stays completely out of the loop. Luckily or unluckily, United Nations Afghanistan is not the only 'victim of Indo-US nexus as Pakistans Embassy in Kabul is completely marginalized in the present scenario too. Pakistani diplomats there reportedly carry only a titular presence and stay ignorant of most of the latest and crucial developments. Talking to TheNation about the prevailing scenario in Afghanistan, former senior UN diplomat Atle Hetland said, US does not have any idea what kind of trouble it would face if the US tries to keep Pakistan out and India in. Atle wondered why it took US and NATO more than nine years to do what they were supposed to do soon after getting control of Afghanistan. Bringing Taliban on the table was something to be done in 2001. This is a failed war and it would lead to nowhere if all the stakeholders are not involved, he added. Atle believed that the involvement of Afghanistans immediate neighbours in its strategic affairs was the only way forward towards solving Afghan crisis and Pakistan, not the India, had a big role to play in this regard. Yes the neighbours can do that. The truth is that US is badly trapped in Afghanistan in its self-created mess and it doesnt know how to get out of it. This is a very unpopular and costly war and it should end the sooner the better, he suggested.