KARACHI (PR) - Pakistan State Oil (PSO) and The Citizens Foundation (TCF) signed a Memorandum of Understanding at PSO House. The two entities joined hands to lay the foundation for a school under the name, 'TCF Primary School - TMK-PSO Campus, in Tando Mohammed Khan, Sindh. TCF is an independent NGO operating in Pakistan since 1995, having established 660 purpose-built school units nationwide. The MoU was signed by PSO Managing Director, Irfan Qureshi and the CEO of TCF, Asaad Ayub Ahmad and officials from both organisations were present at the occasion. Under the MoU, TCF has agreed to establish and manage a school, as per TCF policy, for promotion of quality education to the less privileged class on a no-profit basis; whereas PSO has pledged the entire construction cost and the operational expenditure for the first three years. Thanking PSO for their support, the TCF CEO, Asaad Ayub Ahmad said, We hope that PSO serves as an example to other public-sector organisations to follow suit and we hope for many such fruitful project in the coming years. The said campus shall be constructed by TCF from the funds provided by PSO. We have time and again reached out to those in remote areas bringing to them basic human rights such as health and education, for free. We thank our partner TCF for their cooperation and support in helping us further such a noble project, said Irfan Qureshi, Managing Director, PSO, at the occasion. Earlier, PSO has sponsored three schools in earthquake-affected areas in collaboration with TCF.