LAHORE - An application has been filed in the Supreme Court, Lahore Registry, praying that a direction to the banks may be issued to appoint eunuchs for the recovery of heavy loans outstanding against the politicians, bureaucrats, industrial magnates and the members of elite class who previously got the same written off under political and bureaucratic influence. Barrister Zafarullah Khan has moved the application in his main petition filed earlier to seek recovery of Rs 274billion banks loans so far not paid back by the social and political leaders ignoring the fact what national economy suffered on account of their default and the resulting misery came to a common man. Through the instant petition, the Apex Court has been told that given the political and bureaucratic influence and their say in the national affairs, it is hard for the banks to get the loans recovered from the defaulters. Therefore the court may direct the banks to hire services of eunuchs and hermaphrodites for the purpose as they best suite to insist the defaulters to pay back the loans while shouting on them outside their residences. The applicant said the way our economy was suffering and the poor was dipped deep in misery in the face of lavish life style and carefree attitude after getting loans from the banks, the defaulters deserve no concession and leniency. The applicant argues that eunuchs are also good for the purpose of loans recovery that through dance and clapping in public, they can make defaulters feel shame for their behaviour and rush to pay back the loans.