PESHAWAR – The Consul General of Iran in Peshawar, Hasan Darveshvand has said that Iran is in favour of strengthening cordial relations with Pakistan through people to people contact and exchange of delegations and promotion of tourism.

“The people of Pakistan are very talented in every field of life,” the Consul General observed while addressing as chief guest in an award distributing ceremony organised by Pakistan Youth Organisation (PYO) here at Peshawar Press Club on Tuesday.

The Consul General said that both the countries should exchange delegations especially in the field of scientific education, as it was need of the hour to compete with western powers in the field of technology and research. “I on the behalf of my country condemn the producer who made anti-Islam film. The defiant man should be punished in accordance with Islamic law. I am also thankful to Pakistani people for protesting the profane movie,” he added. Mr Darvesh further said that his country was cooperating with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government in various fields.

Earlier, PYO chairman Syed Sardar Bacha urged the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) to unite against the US imperialistic forces and its allies for interference in Muslim world. He asked the rulers to save the country as its institutions were on the verge of collapse due to rampant corruption.

He also called for utilizing of natural resources to avoid financial dependency on the World Bank, IMF and Asian Development bank, as development of the country were hindered due to relieve-less loans. He lauded Federal Minister for Railways Ghulam Ahmad Bilour for fixing bounty against the inhuman filmmaker, and assured their full cooperation against the anti-Islamic elements.

“We need Islamic education which is based on Quran and Sunnah. Only this type of teachings can help us to get rid of social evils and problems, Mr Bacha stressed. He maintained that PYO was a non-government organization, operating in the country since 1982 for social uplift of its deprived citizens.

Later on, ‘Excellency Awards’ were also distributed among the individuals working for social welfare of the people.