Malala, a young girl has transformed the nation and the region by her ideology; she has shown what Muslims are made of. During the fourteenth century when the Muslims were left weak due to infighting and outside invasions, a voice appeared which intellectually and morally soothed the nerves and tried to imbibe the lost pride of the Muslims, it was the voice of Maulana Rumi and his message was that of love, humanity, humility, enlightenment and acquiring of knowledge.

One young girl did it in Rumi’s light and caused the humanity to take a breath and reevaluate their beliefs. Women’s education is an anathema to Taliban, who are living in the dark ages. The diary of this young girl is meaningful and inspiring. Malala used education as a weapon to fight the Taliban, when no one else was taking them on, on any level. They were holding the country a hostage to extremism and some warped kind of religion of their own making, which does not portray Islam in its true spirit and essence.

The drones have given them an excuse to blow up army installations as they think that Pakistan Army is their enemy. Our law enforcement agencies apprehended over 1,800 criminals, who all got off scot-free, due to weak judicial system in Pakistan.

Malala through her diary created the same effect as was the created by Anne Frank in a concentration camp during the holocaust. The cataloging of day-to-day routine became such a powerful narration that it inspired millions across the globe and forced people to take some action.

The tale of two diaries is similar in a way that they both told the world about the atrocities committed against humanity. The young girl from Swat has redefined the meaning of Pakistan. Education is the single most powerful weapon to fight the Taliban, enlightenment is its fuel. One small step of Malala is a giant leap for mankind.


Lahore, October 15.