OKARA - 13-year-old Kashif Ali, a resident of Pir Hayat of Mandi Ahmadabad who had mistakenly crossed the border into India in October 2011, reached his village.

The villagers gave him a warm welcome with beats of drums and thrilling Bhungra.  As per detail, Kashir Ali had crossed the border near Kasur and was arrested by Indian border security forces. He was sent to Child Observation Home, in Faridkot India.

Ali went missing while returning to Lahore after spending holidays in Kasur. “Our bus stopped near a village close to the border. He got off to buy something but didn’t get back on, and I realised he was missing once I reached Lahore. I thought he probably did not want to come back, and will return home soon, but he didn’t. Now I learn that he crossed the border,” Kalsoom Bibi, Ali’s mother, said.

“I am thankful to all those who helped bring my son’s issue to limelight. I didn’t have the slightest idea that he would be in India,” Kalsoom said. In the village it was looking just a wedding ceremony. Sweets were distributed among the people when reached the villege.