LAHORE – The coalition partners can make efforts to go slow over the formation of a caretaker government which will be tasked to hold the next general elections, scheduled to be held in early 2013, TheNation has learnt by reliable sources.The coalition partners plan is to put President Asif Ali Zardari at the Presidency for another term by re-electing him from the incumbent assemblies.Informed political sources in the Federal capital believe that delay in the next elections will help in re-electing the President from the present set up, which may not be possible in case a new govt is installed at the Centre after the upcoming polls.The term of the current govt expires on March 18th, 2013 and the next elections should be held within two months after the end of the current Parliament’s tenure.Senator S.M. Zafar, senior PML-Q leader and Constitutional expert talking to TheNation over the issue said, “according to the Constitution, the incumbent government has to hold next general polls within two months after the expiry of its term in March, 2013”. However, he said, “the next polls should be held within three months if the present Parliament is dissolved before end of its term”. The sources told this correspondent that getting consensus of all the political forces on the temporary government in a few days or in weeks after the end of term of the current Parliament might not be possible. They said that the Constitutional requirement to hold the next polls within two months after end of the term could not be met. The sources quoting some key figures in the ruling coalition as stating that a date in March next year has not be decided as yet to take up the issue of formation of caretaker set up, which could be the first step towards delaying the polls. Informing about possible move to delay the next polls, the sources maintained that the ruling coalition strongly reviewing imposing emergency as a result of an expected operation in North Waziristan to delay the next elections for one year. Senator S.M. Zafar on this point said that elections could be delayed for one year if emergency was imposed to deal with extraordinary internal or external threats to the State. Anwar Ali Cheema, Federal Minister and a close relative of PML-Q top leadership confirming the possibilities of delay in the formation of caretaker government said that the matter would be taken up after March 18th, 2013, however, he did not utter a single word even about a tentative date to ponder upon the issue.