LAHORE – The batch of 32 officers sent to the US for training also included Humaira Shafi and Noor Fatima Shahid who were both pregnant at the time of their departure on November 13, 2009. Humaira was seven-and-a-half month, while Noor six-and-a-half month pregnant at the time. The question whether the Punjab government was aware of this remains unanswered.

Interestingly, the PIA does not allow travelling in such condition but the two women managed to land on the US soil along with the other officers. Humaira gave birth to a son only one-and-a-half month after landing in the US and managed to get the US citizenship for him at the expense of the Punjab government.

On realising the situation, the US authorities, however, sent Noor back to Pakistan before her delivery. The authorities asked her to return to the US for resuming the training after giving birth to the child in her homeland. The audit team has raised the question that why Noor was sent on training when she was medically unfit.—IG