Though people of Pakistan are facing problems left and right, they were happy in their family life, as they had some basic values in place, but the last few years has seen a huge shift, not only in the increase in inflation, corruption and other ominous problems but a shredding of the fabric of our values.

We can live without electricity, starve because of inflation and face terrorism every day but the lack of moral and ethical values will lead to our doom. We have to look inside ourselves and evaluate and see what path we are treading. This road is leading to moral decay and destruction. Someone has to take responsibility for what is happening, is it the parents, the education systems, or our religious leadership, and let’s not blame the government?

We have to do away with rudeness, disrespect, contempt, humiliation, hatred, deceiving, and dishonesty from around us. Someone has given the younger generation the levity to practice all these as a tool for success. We have to call a spade a spade and not justify bribery, cheating, killing and corruption with excuses. There is no justification for the dissonance around us. We have to mitigate a movement toward religion to improve our behavior instead of following anyone else.


Karachi, October 14.